The Design Cycle

The design cycle is a model. Its purpose is to help students create and evaluate products/ solutions/ outcomes in response to any new challenges. The design cycle model below represents the MYP design methodology of how designers develop products. The process is divided into four stages:inquiring and analysing, developing ideas, creating the solution and evaluating. This process enables the designer to go from identifying a design opportunity to testing and evaluating a solution.  

The design cycle is an interactive and cyclical process, enabling students to revisit previous stages in the process of solving a problem.

The design cycle will be particularly important in the Science and Technology courses. The design cycle will also be necessary when students develop their Personal Project. In fact, students should consider the design cycle anytime they approach a new project.

Like any of the Approaches to Learning skills or strategies learned in class, the design cycle model is an important tool that can be used in school or outside of school.