IB Philosophy

The basic concepts of the IB Middle Years Programme

The key ideas that underlie everything that occurs in an IBMYP school are:

  • Intercultural awareness
  • Holistic Education
  • Communication 

This philosophy forms the core of the IBMYP. 


Intercultural Awareness

Intercultural understanding involves recognizing and reflecting on the perspectives of others, exploring human commonality, diversity, personal identity and interconnection, and appreciating many beliefs, values, experiences and forms of expression.  

Holistic Education

The IBMYP fosters holistic approach to education and interconnectedness of disciplines. Through Key Concepts and Global Contexts students are able to establish connections with other subject groups and place the learning in the context of the real world, developing deeper and more complex understanding of a topic. 


Learning to communicate in a variety of ways in more than one language is fundamental to the development of intercultural understanding in the IB.

Languages in the MYP at St. Thomas High School:

English: Sec. I – V French: Sec. I – V Spanish: Sec. I – II