Student Council



At St-Thomas, Student Council is a big part of the school; we organize dances, carnivals and other amazing activities throughout the year. We have a voice on the school’s Governing Board to weigh in on student issues. We also strive to create a learning experience for students interested in leadership positions. This is all possible thanks to the guidance of Ms. Alarie, a senior French teacher and Student Council advisor, our President, Serena Masciotra (Secondary 5), and Co-Vice-Presidents, Hana Badwai and Sophia Pasia (Secondary 4).




-          Carnival Day/Week

-          Winter Carnival Day/Week

-          Dances

-          Pride Week

-          Pep Rally

-          Vow of Silence


-          Fundraisers

-          Haunted House

-          The Heist

-          Holiday Events

-          So many more!









-          Mme Alarie - Student Council Advisor/Teacher Extraordinaire

She’s the loudest voice in the hallway (which is saying something) and no one embodies our school spirit and pride like her. She puts all her love and energy into her classes and into Student Council. As great a leader as she is a person, we’re lucky to have her guiding our way!


-          Serena Masciotra - President/St. Thomas Warrior

Representing our school in the toughest of situations, she’s got St. T’s back no matter what. Being a president is no easy task, but she’s ready for the challenge. She’ll answer any questions you may have about Student Council and the events they run, and she’ll hear your suggestions for improvements in the school.


-          Hana Badawi and Sophia Pasia - Co-Vice Presidents/Superhuman Duo

Stronger together than they are apart, these two are learning the ropes. This year they get to know the feeling of having a leading role in running Student Council. Next year, they’ll be fully prepared to take the role on themselves. Watch out, cause they’re taking the world by storm!


-          Student Council Members - Leaders of Tomorrow

There are Student Council members in every grade! Feel free to seek them out, they’d love to hear what you have to say. As SC members, our job is to represent the school population (YOU).



The Student Council at St. Thomas is here to give a voice to the students. We also strive to create fun and memorable experiences for other  students. We understand that high school can be hard, and we’re here to make the best of it!



Student Council is always looking for hard-working and creative students who are interested in planning, organising, and leading various activities! If you think you’re right for the job, you can apply to Student Council at the beginning of the year. If you feel like helping out to see what it’s like, let a SC member know. We’d love your help!



Student Council has two votes on the school’s Governing Board. Our representative work to represent the students’ voices in hope of inflicting positive changes and improving our school. Our role is to contribute to a student’s opinion to important discussions with staff and parents. If you have any issues you would like discussed, you can talk to the President or Vice-Presidents or to the parent Governing Board Chair, Celena Scheede-Bergdahl.



This Committee is made up of student representatives from almost every high school in the Lester B. Pearson Board. On this committee, we discuss important world events and social issues as well as ways to improve all of the Lester B. Pearson schools. We also work on aspects such as social media, community service and leadership events. This year, we are happy to have one of our members sit as Co-Chair of CSC.



96.5.    During the month of September each year, the principal of a school providing education to students in the second cycle of the secondary level shall see to the formation of a student committee.

The students shall determine the name, composition and operating rules and elect the members of the committee.

The students may decide not to form a student committee or entrust the functions of student committee to an association representing them.

1997, c. 96, s. 13.

96.6.    The purpose of the student committee is to encourage the collaboration of students in developing, implementing and periodically evaluating the school’s educational project and their participation in fostering success and in school activities.

A further purpose of the student committee is to encourage the students to conduct themselves in a civil and respectful manner toward each other and the school staff.

The student committee may also make suggestions to the student representatives on the governing board and to the principal that are likely to facilitate the proper operation of the school.

1997, c. 96, s. 13; 2002, c. 63, s. 10; 2012, c. 19, s. 9.

96.7.    The student committee or the association representing the students may, for the purpose of its functions, meet on the school premises.

1997, c. 96, s. 13.

96.7.1.             The principal shall, on the recommendation of the team established under section 96.12, support any group of students wishing to conduct activities conducive to preventing and stopping bullying and violence.