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WHAT does St. Thomas Home & School do?
  • We raise funds to enhance the education of our student population. With money raised, we try to buy items that will benefit as much of our student population as possible. We have bought:
    • French books.
    • Art tables.
    • Musical instruments so that each student can eventually have their own to bring home and practice.
    • Curtains for our gym department.
    • Pots and accessories for our cooking department.
  • To raise funds, we hold student/parent lectures/workshops, entertaining events (such as, comedy nights, hypnotist shows, and magic shows), craft sales, and orange drives. In addition, we sell refreshments and baked goods at different school events.
  • We also provide volunteers for different school events.
  • Each year during teacher appreciation week, we organize a luncheon for all our teachers and supporting staff to acknowledge their time and effort with our children. Typically, very little money raised is used for the event; food, utensils, plates, and decorations are all contributed by our home and school members!
HOW can you help?
  • Attend our events.
  • Support our drives and sales.
  • Make a monetary donation. Since we are affiliated with the Quebec Federation of Home and Schools, you will obtain a tax receipt for $15 and over.
  • Donate items/tickets that we can raffle or sell.
  • Donate your time and possibly become a member.
  • Join our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with our events and activities.
WHY become a member?
  • You obtain voting autonomy to raise and spend money on the projects that we, the parents, see fit for our children at St. Thomas High School.
  • Your membership fee goes to paying for our affiliation with the Quebec Federation of Home and Schools (QFHSA), which has a 64-year proven track record.
    • To handle your money, we need to be insured. By being affiliated with the Quebec Federation of Home and Schools (QFHSA), we are automatically covered. 
    • To be affiliated, we need a minimum number of members. For the year 2012-2013, we have a sufficient number of members to be affiliated; however, we would definitely welcome you as a non-voting member (free) or as a voting member to help us organize and achieve our goals.
  • It helps ensure the continuance of Home and School at St. Thomas. As our children graduate, members leave. Becoming a member and attending our meetings helps fill the void of old members.
How to become a member?

Download, print and submit the membership form.






President:  Bobbi Brown
Vice President: Maria Rota
Treasurer: Marilyn Boyer
Secretary: Candida Di Battista
Membership: Sharad Bhargava