St. Thomas is dedicated to the encouragement of excellence of all students in the intellectual, personal and social domains. The diverse needs of our students will be met in an environment of safety, personal belonging, and mutual respect.

Reminder that report cards will be available as of Friday, November 17th, at 3:00pm on Fusion. Parent teacher interviews can be booked as of 7:00pm.




Open House Presentation

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St. Thomas’ plan for Digital Citizenship and Parental Involvement

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LBPSB Teachers play softball to raise funds for Breast Cancer

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Backpacks for children of Syrian refugees

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Fusion Parental Portal launch to all St. Thomas Parents Click above for more information

St. Thomas High School's The Learning Center (T.L.C.)

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Français Langue Maternelle – Secondaire


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November 17
Term 1 Reports issued

November 22
Parent-Teacher Interviews

November 23
St. Thomas Professional Day

November 24
Teachers' Convention


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