Guidance Team 

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Ms. Nadia Laccitiello Monday to Friday 250-3   nlaccitiello@lbpsb.qc.ca






What we do:

Guidance Counsellors are trained professionals who offer career and personal counselling to students on a voluntary basis. They help students thrive academically, personally and socially, and assist them in exploring their post-secondary options.  Students are invited to request an appointment if they would like to talk about… anything. Conversations with a Guidance Counsellor are confidential.  Note that students who are under 14 years old need their parents’ permission for ongoing counselling.

Some topics you might want to discuss with a Guidance Counsellor include:

  • Making friends
  • Family difficulties (with parents, siblings, illness, loss, conflict, divorce, etc.)
  • Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, sad, angry, etc.
  • Bullying, social drama, self-esteem, self-confidence
  • Academic difficulties (time management, tutoring, etc.)
  • Questions about you future: CEGEP information, indecision about career path, etc.
  • ANYTHING else… nothing is considered “out of bounds” when speaking with a Guidance Counsellor


How to request an appointment with a Guidance Counsellor:

  • Complete a “Request for Appointment” form, which you can find in the Cycle1 and 2 offices
  • Place the completed form in the box provided
  • A Guidance Counsellor will schedule an appointment with you