Adult & Vocational Education

Adult Education

  • Students who do not successfully complete their graduation requirements by Sec. 5 can continue their education in an Adult Education centre (e.g. Place Cartier)
  • Students who need to improve their grades or take missing prerequisites for CEGEP can do so in Adult Education (e.g. Math, Chemistry, Physics).


Vocational Education Requirements (a.k.a. trade programs)


  • Most Vocational Education programs require that students successfully complete Sec. 4 English, French, and Math. A few programs are open to students who do not have these credits.
  • Learn the skills for employment in 6-18 months.
  • See www.clicfp.qc.ca  for vocational training available on the Island of Montreal
  • See www.headingforsuccess.com for vocational programs in Quebec
  • See www.lbpce.ca for LBPSB Continuing Education options (Vocational and Adult Education)
  • Use www.srafp.com to apply



The 15 Vocational training sectors in Montreal are the following:

Sector 1:     Administration, Commerce and Computer Technology

Sector 2:     Agriculture and Fisheries

Sector 3:     Food Services and Tourism

Sector 4:     Arts

Sector 5:     Woodworking and Furniture Making

Sector 7:     Buildings and Public Works

Sector 9:     Electrotechnology

Sector 10:   Motorized equipment Maintenance

Sector 11:   Mechanical Manufacturing

Sector 13:   Communications and Documentation

Sector 14:   Maintenance Mechanics

Sector 16:   Metallurgical Technology

Sector 18:   Fashion, Leather and Textiles

Sector 19:   Health Services

Sector 21:   Beauty Care