Service as Action at St. Thomas



Through your active service you get the opportunity to look beyond the classroom and become a responsible, caring participant in your local setting or the wider world. Through first – hand experience, you learn how other people think, feel, and live their lives, and you contribute something of benefit to society.

All activities that you perform to meet your Service as Action requirement must be voluntary and the task must benefit a segment of the community, either locally, or in the larger world.

You must include at least two different activities in order to really grow and diversify your experiences.

The activities you complete must be logged into your SA worksheet on ManagBac, and you must include an authorized person’s email for each entry in order for them to provide feedback on your participation in the activity. You must also reflect on each of your Service activities. 

Students in Sec I –IV who do not submit their SA hours, may be asked to leave the programme. Students in Sec V who do not complete their hours will not be eligible for the IB Certificate.


Some Sample Activities

  • Terry Fox Walkathon
  • Volunteering for Open House, the IB Information Night, Convocation
  • Sitting on Governing Board
  • Voluntary tutoring
  • Visits to senior citizens’ residences
  • Working in community groups:
    • Big Brothers and Sisters,
    • West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped,
    • Lakeshore Hospital activities
    • Blood donor clinics
    • Meals on Wheels
  • Participating in the St. Thomas Global Learner projects ( trips to Ecuador or Peru)
  • Helping in fundraising for Haiti
  • Helping with Free the Children projects
  • Working with Students for Change
  • Helping an elderly neighbour shovel their driveway or rack their leaves


Things to consider when selecting activities:

  • What can I contribute to this activity?
  • What will I learn or develop in myself through this activity?
  • Is this truly a different activity then those I’ve previously done?

An activity should never be done simply to get hours.


Activities Not Accepted as Community and Service Hours

  • School activities done during class time.
  • Any activity done for compensation
    (money or goods)
  • Any chore or babysitting done WITHIN your home.
  • Any office work done for a business owned by your immediate or extended family.



Students entering Secondary I will have the school year to complete 10 hours of Service. Secondary II-V students will be required to complete 15 hours of Community Service between the months of June and May.

  • Sec I (Sep.) – Sec. I (May) – 10 hours
  • Sec I (June) – Sec. II (May) – 15 hours
  • Sec II (June) – Sec. III (May) – 15 hours
  • Sec. III (June) – Sec. IV (May) – 15 hours
  • Sec. IV (June) – Sec. V (March) – 15 hours