IB education promotes the development of reflective thinkers. Through reflections, students:

  • Look back at their learning experiences
  • Reflect on the content learned and skills acquired
  • Identify learning gaps
  • Process the information acquired
  • Establish connections across disciplines and between the subject-matter and the real world
  • Develop greater understanding of the subject-matter and themselves as learners.

The Reflection Notebook is an ongoing assignment completed inside and outside the classroom for every IB subject, except for Arts (in Arts, students are required to maintain a Process Journal).  

Some possible reflection topics:

  • An answer to a unit question (i.e. inquiry question)
  • Demonstration how a topic connects to a Global Context
  • Reflection on the qualities of the Learner Profile developed or acquired
  • General reflection on the topic covered in class
  • Reflection on the use of Approaches to Learning skills to solve a problem or reach a goal
  • Reflection on effective learning strategies
  • Demonstration of connections between the learning in one subject to other subjects, or to life outside the classroom


Arts Process Journal

In the Arts courses (Drama, Music and Visual Arts) students are required to maintain a Process Journal to record their progress and demonstrate evidence of Knowing and Understanding, Developing Skills, Thinking Creatively and Responding (i.e. IBMYP Arts objectives).

Students must show evidence of regular use of the Process Journal, reflecting on the skills and knowledge acquired, using critical and creative thinking.

All four Arts objectives (in bold above) must be demonstrated through the Arts Process Journal.

The Arts Process Journal could include some of the following material: 

  • A record of the process of creation
  • A record of the development of skills
  • A record of the techniques used to develop a product
  • Brainstorming of ideas
  • Sketches, drawings, designs, notes
  • Critique of artwork
  • Reflection on the completed project and stages of the project.