St. Thomas Supports Haiti

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Madame de Verteuil (former St. Thomas teacher and Order of Canada recipient) is in her early 80's and is still going strong.  Rebuilding schools after Hurricane Matthew 18 months ago when 90% of all buildings in Les Abricots has been a huge priority. Food security continues to be an issue.  Our Month of Lunches campaign provides funds for the one meal per day most of these students have.  

Haiti is one of the 20 poorest countries in the world.  Three out of four people in Haiti live on less than $2 per day. Les Abricots is one of the poorest regions in Haiti where hunger is a daily issue.

Most students at Madame de Verteuil's schools get only one meal per day -- the one served at school.  The money we EACH collect determines if a student gets that meal.  




Future president of Haiti


Students at one of our adopted schools (funded by Sec II Math IB business projects​) saying thanks.


Madame de Verteuil with the first crop several months after Hurricane Matthew.  The fields were too salty from ocean water to use following the hurricane.​


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